Vegany Tofu - Garlic & Herb - 250g

Vegany Tofu - Garlic & Herb - 250g

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A Tasty new Tofu flavour from your favourite plant-based brand, Vegany.

Infused with aromatic, cracked Black Pepper and seasoned with Salt, Vegany Salt & Pepper Tofu can be used directly in curries, sandwiches, stuffed chapattis, stir-fries, Tikka etc without the need for prior marination.

Our compact sized and easy to open 250g pack ensures that each Tofu block can be easily consumed in one go, maintaining the freshness of our flavours.

With the same Extra-Firm texture and even Better Taste, our Natural and 100% Vegan Tofu still provides you and your family with a complete source of Protein, a rich source of Calcium and is a great Low Cholesterol option.

Note: To experience the best flavour, please consume entirely once opened.